3 Ways To Improve Instagram Conversions

If your business isn’t already on Instagram (IG), you’re missing a significant chunk of the market. The platform highly visual and designed to be mobile-first, so it stands to reason that its user demographic skews younger—predominantly 18-34, equally split by gender. There’s a cornucopia of untapped ad space here, and you won’t have to fight tooth and nail for your content to be seen.

Increasing Instagram Conversions

Improving marketing ROI is all about reaching the right audience and reaching them on their own turf. When it comes to IG, it’s all about mobile. This is where the vast majority of clicks and views will come from. 

Here are three top tips to help you make the most of your efforts

1. Calls-to-Action (CTAs)

CTAs are an essential part of every ad campaign. Think about what you want and what you’re asking your audience to do. It could be to interact with the post, visit your website, sign up for a newsletter, enter a draw, answer a survey question, click a link, or download a piece of content. Don’t be afraid to state your CTA, but be wary of coming across as demanding. Your audience should feel that it’s their choice to interact and that they’re the ones who will benefit because of that choice.

2. Link in Bio

“Check out the link in bio.” You hear and see it all the time on Instagram, and that’s because it works. Because Instagram is primarily image-oriented, you’ll want to keep your copy relatively short and sweet. Your caption is more like an elevator pitch that you can use to guide people to your links. Make sure you get an IG link builder and keep it compelling, accessible, and updated.

3. Bring Together The Best of All Worlds

Just because your IG ad campaign is different from your other marketing strategies doesn’t mean they can’t work together! Multiply your efforts across platforms with content like quizzes, free downloads, and CTAs asking your followers to join your email list.

Successful Instagram advertising is about being clear about your objectives, knowing your audience, and showing them how much better life is when they’re part of your inner circle. Once you nail that concept, applying these strategies is a piece of cake.


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