8 businesses created from the last recession

I love the smell of start-up.

When I have a first call with someone who has an idea that needs to be unleashed into the world.

There’s risk.

There’s fear.

There’s innovation and ambition.

That’s why I love right now. Because the truth is that often times people are sitting on great ideas that will change everything about the way we live and do business, and all it takes is one push to start the motion of that opportunity. It’s often the pain of losing one thing that propels us into another, it couldn’t have been more true for me.

The reality is that recessions are cyclical, unavoidable parts of the economic cycle. Experts say the only thing we can do is be best prepared to weather them financially. But recession partnered with a pandemic and civil unrest is enough to keep all of us up and night.

We will see more layoffs.
We will see sales decline.
We will see doors of household brands close.

But we will also see businesses rise and displace the market. We will have an uprising of new brands that change the way that we work, live and do business. We will see innovation take a rise and your business has the opportunity today to be part of that growth.

Look at the list of businesses that were created between 2008-2010 as a result of the last recession:

  • Uber
  • Square Card Processing
  • Air BNB
  • Instagram
  • Slack
  • Venmo
  • Groupon
  • Pinterest

What do all of these businesses have in common that could help you shift in the next year and be ahead?

  1. Efficiency. These businesses help create efficiencies for both business and life.
  2. Cost Saving. Helping people get more for less and maximize their budget.
  3. Entertainment. Giving people something to distract themselves.
  4. Marketing. All of these businesses had smart brands and clever campaigns.


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