Building Your Digital Team

Is marketing automation the way of the future? It certainly seems to be opening exciting new avenues for businesses of all shapes and sizes. So how can you make it work for you and your business?

Using automation strategies to their fullest abilities is like harnessing an entire team through the power of the web. The more connected and integrated the process is, the more effective, efficient, profitable, and wide-ranging it becomes. It’s almost like having an entire team available at your fingertips, one that can provide razor-sharp insights and streamlined actions.

Go in With a Plan

Map out your automated process from end to end. From the moment a prospective client enters the sales funnel as a promising lead until you’re able to convert them to a real-life sale, you should be able to guide their progress digitally.

Assemble the Team

So how do you assemble your automation team? Here are just a few examples of the online automation services that can help you build a business powerhouse. Some are free, while others are a combination of free services with paid upgrades. 

  • ActiveCampaign is a comprehensive email marketing service.
  • Zapier is a popular and slick web integration service that consolidates your efforts across a multitude of platforms.
  • TryInteract and Typeform are easy to configure and deploy quiz development tools.
  • EverWebinar is a streamlined webinar creation and hosting platform.
  • Linktree offers a simple way to create content integration links.

Still, we know that assembling all the cogs for your machine can be a bit arduous and complicated. That’s why many savvy business owners hire digital marketing professionals, whose service fees often include unrestricted access to all these platforms. 

Link It Up

Once you have all your services in place, link all your content together into a batch to make it super simple, slick, and accessible. From there, you can track and manage your data with ease. 

Good automation is so much simpler and easier than processing data manually. It saves you time, energy, and oodles of money. It’ll keep your funnel filled and help you multiply your input and output in the shortest amount of time. Done right, there’s no way to lose!


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