Marketing is too dominated by cookie-cutter formulas

Your business deserves better.
Marketing that’s customized to your unique business  shouldn’t be a luxury exclusive to premium brands.

We believe in bringing premium quality to businesses of all sizes, including yours.

Here’s a marketing formula for getting stuck...

and how to avoid it…

Too many marketing experts and agencies overinvest in trendy, niche tactics. They say things like:

Here’s the problem: overemphasizing specialized marketing tactics creates fragmented and siloed marketing.

Siloed marketing looks like:

Focusing on what will work in social media…but then neglecting your website

Mastering lead generation ads…but then ignoring follow-up emails

Spending money to grow an audience…but then failing to convert them into paying customers


The gaps between silos is opportunity and revenue you’re losing.

Elan breaks down silos and integrates your entire digital ecosystem into a strategic marketing whole that includes tactics you truly need…and leaves the rest behind.

No gaps, no leaks. Just momentum.


Canva is fine when you’re just beginning your business. But when your startup is ready to graduate to the next level, it’s time to upgrade to professional branding.

Elan’s branding team expertly captures your brand’s story and essence in powerful visuals. From color to logos to typography to images and graphics, your business deserves


When it comes to websites, the finish line for most agencies—Installing and setting up a WordPress theme with plugins—is our starting line. This is because we know that your website is not only the central storytelling hub of your brand, but it’s also just one piece of your integrated marketing ecosystem.

Our web design and copywriting teams work together with you to craft messaging and visuals that captivate visitors. And our web development team works ceaselessly to connect your site to all the other vital pieces of your business, like email, CRMs, ad performance tracking, re-marketing pixels, and more.


Automation & Funnels

Digital automation (including funnel marketing) is one of the key workhorses behind your integrated marketing strategy. It’s not a formula or a template, but a customized flow of messaging, ads, webpages, and more that work in harmony to foster sales.

Because your automation plan works for your business 24/7, Elan’s automation team works tirelessly to make sure every piece works together seamlessly. We pay attention to the psychology of your prospect at each phase of the journey and tailor messaging and solutions with precision. The result is a valuable infrastructure that supports all other marketing efforts.


Social media can be a powerful tool for your business…or it can be a giant drain on energy and resources. The difference has everything to do with the integrated strategy behind your social media efforts.

The Elan social media team helps you manage your brand’s social channels (so you don’t have to spend hours doing it yourself), but goes a step further by ensuring that each post, ad, and interaction works within a strategic framework designed around your business-growth goals. We start with strategy, and then “socialize” it.