Do I have Healthy Website Traffic?


What does healthy website traffic actually look like?

When it comes to looking at your website traffic analytics you may not know what the goal is supposed to be, but you do know you aren’t satisfied with your sales results. Having a healthy marketing mix of traffic sources can at least give you an idea that you’re on track.

Knowing the right levers to pull can also help you identify areas that you aren’t investing enough money or time in as well as areas that require less of your time and attention. 

Read below to find out more about these critical marketing mixes and how they can contribute to your overall website health.

Search Engine (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization plays a critical role in your overall marketing strategy. It allows people who are using google and other search engines to find your website. This kind of marketing activity can take longer to pay off for your business but it will play matchmaker for your business for many years to come. This kind of effort should make up 35-50% of your total website traffic. The investment of SEO will come from both time and money as it requires regular, relevant new content added to your website.

Referral Traffic

Website traffic from links is powerful because it also contributes to your SEO score. Having high authority sites linking back to your website gives search engines the green light that you too should have authority. You can use collaborations with influencers to guest blog for them, be a guest on a podcast that links back to your website or submit articles to online media outlets that agree to link back to your website.

Referral traffic also comes from sources like your google listing, yelp, trip advisor, and other “industry-related listings.”

Referral traffic should make up 21-30% of your website traffic.

Direct Traffic

This form of website traffic is from branding and can also take the longest to achieve. It means that your customer is directly typing your domain into a website browser. The good news is that they already know who you are, and they know how to find you. This type of traffic should make up 14-18% of your website traffic. 

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising most often comes from Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, or other forms of digital advertising campaigns. Though it’s becoming less and less common it can also be from paid banners or email campaigns. Paid advertising should make up 14-20% of your total website traffic.

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Social Media 

Utilizing social media to market your service or business has become one of the most popular ways that businesses drive leads and traffic. While this can be a very effective way to market, it can also be a time suck on business owners and distract from the overall goal. Social Media came in at a low 7-10% driver of overall website traffic so spend your time and money wisely.

Email Marketing

Cultivating your email list is important. While it doesn’t drive a high percentage of website traffic, it does drive the highest sales conversions of any marketing effort. Emails are also your businesses’ property and will continue to work for you as you grow your business. Email marketing should make up 7-10% of your overall website traffic.