4-Pack Podcast Editing Plus


Save big when you submit four episodes at once! For the podcaster who’s looking to step up their game and plan ahead. This editing package allows for all the extra grace you want and the premo editing service you’re looking for!

Note: Must receive all audio files, bumper, and music files at one time in completion along with editor notes / sound effect requests for all four episodes in order for this project timeline to begin.

  • Included: Editing of (4) Single File Audio Podcasts
  • Included: Up to 10 edits or sound effects per episode
  • Included: Add pre-recorded bumper / intro
  • Included: Even out sound levels
  • Included: Fade out music at the end
  • Included: One round of revisions post edit


Upload four episodes all at once, single file, bumpers added, sound levels evened out, music fade, up to 10 edits per episode, and one round of revisions each.


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